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Multimedia Exhibition of Totalitarianism of the 20th Century

Memory of Nations Institutes will offer a modern multimedia exhibition devoted to 20th century history and the stories of people who personally lived through totalitarian regimes.

These witnesses of oppression and persecution are slowly leaving us behind but we need the knowledge of their experiences as a safeguard against populism, authoritarianism and attacks on fundamental freedoms. Democracy remains fragile even 30 years after the Velvet Revolution and it must be nourished and sustained. Memory of Nations Institutes offer inspiration and lessons from the life stories of political prisoners, Holocaust survivors, war veterans, persecuted farmers, minorities and others who shared similar fates.

Modern exhibitions

The permanent exhibition will guide visitors through 20th century history in an attractive, emotionally compelling and comprehensible manner, while aiding them to cultivate their ability to critically think about both the past and the present. Stories that span the period 1918–1989 provide a myriad of perspectives on historical events, enriched with commentary and context. The Institutes will also prepare short-term exhibitions to commemorate major anniversaries or individual historical events.

Educational programmes

We create and implement programmes for students in primary, secondary, and tertiary education. The Institutes’ activities will include guided tours, exhibition games, workshops, and long-term educational projects. Educational sessions will equip teachers with new inspiration and tools, including an online offer of teaching materials that can be used both when visiting the exhibition and subsequently during their lessons.

Meeting points and cultural events

We seek to create a space that will cultivate intergenerational connections as well. The Institutes will schedule regular screenings of documentaries and feature films, theatre performances, concerts and social gatherings that reflect life under totalitarian rule and topics concerning other violations of human rights. The Institutes will also serve as archives, libraries, and conference venues for the academic community.

Documentary studios

Space will be provided for the recording of the 20th century witnesses’ memories and their personal testimonies from the times of both totalitarian regimes. Witnesses’ testimonies are archived in the Memory of Nations collection, which can be accessed online and which preserves these memories for future generations to be explored and used in journalistic articles, exhibitions, books, and other media.